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(ISBN: 978-81-908315-0-5, 4-Color soft cover, 172 pages)
Written by: Betty Frost, Canada
Published by: Nightingale Press, India
Introduction by: Mr.Ali Nakhjawani, a former member of the Universal House of Justice, Supreme Body of the Bahá’í Faith.

The Martyrs: True Stories of Heroism is on the life and works of some selected martyrs of the Bahá’í Faith. It contains the heart-rending stories of those stalwarts of the Faith who are shining examples for the entire Bahá’í world community. The language employed in the book is very simple as it is primarily meant for the junior youths and the young adults. The book is ideal to be used as an inspiring deepening material for the zealous young Bahá’ís. It is highly suitable to be used in the study circles especially while studying the Ruhi Book 4 on the history of the Faith. The book is also suitable to be presented to the interested seekers who are keen to learn the history of the Faith and its early believers.

The book is indeed heart-touching as it narrates the true and emotional stories of nineteen simple, fearless and steadfast believers who joyfully sacrificed everything they possessed for the sake of their faith. These faithful believers were viciously persecuted while attempting to convince a fanatic and sceptic society that God had indeed sent a renewed message to mankind to carry forward a new world order based on unity, equality and cooperation. These illustrious believers were endowed with indomitable courage and unshakeable faith in God. They suffered imprisonments, withstood cruel tortures and ultimately gave away their lives while upholding their beliefs. Despite brutal persecutions, they persisted spreading the message of God tirelessly and advocated the advent of a new age. They professed the belief that the promised One, the One prophesized in all the religious scriptures of the past, had indeed appeared; and followed His noble teachings. These simple and innocent believers were unfortunately treated as criminals and were stripped of all their possessions and their precious lives. Their faith had indeed become their crime.

Betty Frost, the author, has gathered together the moving stories of these heroes and heroines of the Faith who suffered brutal persecutions and joyfully embraced martyrdom while upholding their faith and promoting the truth. Ms.Frost is a distinguished Bahá’í who worked for sixteen years at the Bahá’í World Centre, Haifa, Israel. She currently lives in Canada and has several other books and articles to her credit. Betty Frost is the former secretary to Late Mr.H.Fatheazam, a former member of House of Justice. The book has a beautiful introduction written by Mr.Ali Nakhjawani, a former member of House of Justice.

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