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Note : Please Enter Less Than 9 Copies
After submitting the form, you will be directed to the secured payment gateway for processing the payment. Please keep your credit/debit card information such the card numbers, expiry details, three digit verification code of the card if it is visa/MasterCard (see back of the card on the signature strip after the account number) or four digit code in case of Amex card(see on the front of the card above your card numbers), name of your card issuing bank, the card´s billing address and telephone numbers as per the card issuing bank records etc. handy with you to process the transaction successfully. Please note that even slightest mistake/wrong information will result in error and unsuccessful processing of transaction.

Book Cost (inclusive of international air postage):

  • For a single copy: INR 550 (USD 8.50 approx)
  • For 2-4 copies: INR 420 per copy (USD 6.50 approx per copy)
  • For 5-8 copies: INR 390 per copy (USD 6.00 approx per copy)

Tips for smooth processing of transaction :

*Fill- in ONLY the number of copies you want i.e. 1/2/3 as the case may be on the   order form as the cost calculation is automatic.
*Fill-in the information on the order form and later on the payment page quickly as   secured pages expire fast.
*Do not use back/refresh button while working on payment page.
*Provide information such as billing address, telephone numbers as per your credit   card issuing bank records only.
*Do not press submit button twice/again and again even if it takes time to process.

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