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Nightingale Group is the umbrella body, the central agency under whose aegis a few Bahá’í inspired non-profit organisations strive to contribute generously to the process of building an everlasting, an ever-advancing civilization. These organisations make every effort to promote individual and collective well-being in the society. While doing so, systematic application and the spirit of the Bahá’í principles are kept at the heart of all the activities of the Group.

Nightingale Press, the research and publishing wing of the Group, conceptualises, undertakes research, and develops educative materials. It publishes and distributes them across the world at reasonably subsidized prices. Nightingale Press is the no-profit, Bahá’í inspired publishing house that believes in publishing simple, educative and affordable literature for the masses of people. Nightingale Press has been in service to the Bahá’í community for the last 12 years. Nightingale Press accepts printing, shipping, marketing, and distribution tasks as well. The most successful product that Nightingale Press has developed so far is the beautiful Bahá’í Diary, a hardbound publication with both Gregorian and the Bahá’í days and dates. The primary mandate of the diary has been to familiarize the friends with the use of Bahá’í calendar. After publishing it successfully for eleven years, we have suspended its publication for the time being, as its dissemination became a challenge due to growing popularity of the hand-held devices, and various applications and software. However, we have kept our options open to republish it as and when we receive enough support of the friends which would justify the efforts and the expenses involved.

Nightingale Press has just published a beautiful new book entitled: The Martyrs: True Stories of Heroism. The book contains the true heart-rending stories of nineteen selected martyrs of the Bahá’í Faith. The book is simple and emotional and primarily meant to inspire the junior youths and the young adults. For more information on the book, please click here.

Another member organisation of the Group is Nightingale Foundation which is in a process of getting registered and acquiring its legal entity. The foundation would undertake training and capacity building programs in collaboration with like-minded organisations and individuals. Good governance, value education, human rights and responsibilities, prosperity of humankind would be among the core areas of work of this foundation. The Foundation would also endeavour to undertake diverse humanitarian and advocacy projects for general welfare of the society and its needy members.

Organisations and individuals seeking collaboration or to remain on the mailing list of Nightingale Group to learn about its programs and activities are welcome to write to us at the following address: contact us. Writers wishing to work or collaborate with us are also welcome to write to us at the above address.


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